Savouri Eatery is a vegan concept established for flavor and sustainability.  Our founder Brigham Florentin is a Southern California native with a passion for plant-based food. He left his hometown and relocated to Hanoi with the mission to provide the city he loved with some of his favorite plant-based meals.  He developed an American, Asian, Mexican fusion menu consisting of burgers, wraps, and salads. The recipes he developed have heavy influence from flavors found in Los Angeles California.


Savouri Eatery raises the bar on your typical vegan and vegetarian restaurants.  Our menu delivers a full flavor profile using imported products such as “Let’s Plant Meat” a plant-based protein from Thailand.  We serve up a variety of beverages such as kombucha, cider, and craft beer.  Savouri’s minimalist open concept dining room is a perfect place to meet with friends and family for any occasion.

Let's Plant Meat

Thailand based vegan startup Let’s Plant Meat makes premium plant-based proteins using sustainable methods.  Their plant-based proteins are made from four plants, namely soy (from Non-GMO sources), rice, and coconut, and beetroot. Let’s Plant Meat is at the heart of Savouri Eatery’s dishes. Choosing to eat just one of our plant-based meals uses 99% less water, 93% less land, 90% fewer greenhouse gas emissions, and 46% less energy.


The Savouri Mission:

  • Combat climate change by using sustainable ingredients

  • Promote animal welfare with a 100% vegan menu

  • Provide high quality meat alternative meals that EVERYONE can enjoy